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Thursday, February 5, 2015

I made the big leap foodies!!!

Lay's Wavy Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Dear Foodie Friends:

I have moved!!! You can now find me at www.suziethefoodie.com where I am food blogging up a storm! From product reviews to recipes, I am still going strong.

It would make me very happy if you would come visit me in my new home so we can stay connected.

Suzie the Foodie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Birthday Request

Today is a very special day for me. It's my birthday and I would really like it if you would click the cupcake. It would mean the world to me. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buns With Crab Meat

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

My theme for 2015 is "Explore" and one of my favourite ways to do this is to treat myself to something from my neighbourhood that is inexpensive that I can have for lunch. The other day I picked up these pork and crab "soupy" buns.


Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

I love it. I go into these markets and most of the time have no idea what anything is and that is just so exciting. But it can also be extremely intimidating. I easily get information overload, pick up some bananas and mushrooms and go home.

The Product

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

Not this time! I discovered the frozen dumplings section (insert hallelujah-like music) and picked these up for just a couple of bucks. They are made by Ri Wang Foods and you get 10 pieces per package.

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

They are frozen and uncooked and absolutely adorable.

Food Preparation

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

I put some parchment paper in my steamer and steamed them for 10-12 minutes. Look at them glistening!!!

Foodie Intimidation

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

Even though I know I love dumplings and had a feeling they were going to be great, I must admit, I was a little nervous. I am so used to making my own food that prepped food like this can worry me but then I could hear my mom saying to me, "Don't be scared."

Foodie Conclusion

Eat The World: Mini Soupy Pork Buts With Crab Meat

They were wonderful! And, they were soupy, LOL! I thought it was a mistranslation or something but no, there was broth inside so you kind of have to slurp them to eat them. Which was so much fun! The texture was great, the flavour was good and my homemade dipping sauce rocked! (See photo above.)

Lunch for probably $1.50 that was fun to eat. You can't beat that!

I give this product four out of five wooden spoons.

I wonder what I will explore next???!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

What's with all the foodie hate?

What's with all the foodie hate?
I'm just kidding. Go ahead. Hate me. And bite me while you're at it!

According to Lake Superior State University's 40th Annual List of Banished Words, the term "foodie" is so hated and loathed it should be deleted. And this is not the first time it has been nominated.

I started my food blog almost six years ago. Back then the term foodie was not as over-used as it is, admittedly, today. I liked the sound of the term with my name. I considered a "foodie" to be a food enthusiast. Considering I was in such a bad way back then, food became my life. It is one of the best decisions I have made.

Since then the term has exploded and I agree, may be over-used (especially by yours truly). So what? Honestly, there is a lot to hate in the world but a cute yet positive term for someone who is passionate about food? Get over it!

Feedback From My "Foodie" Friends

In just a few hours I had various feedback from my friends on Facebook. From neutral to positive to not-so-positive. Thank you everyone for your feedback, I really appreciate it! I love my foodie friends. ;)

Classism & Commercialism

What's with all the foodie hate?

I was shocked to discover you can buy a journal just for your culinary explorations at Chapters. Although it appears to be mostly focused on eating and drinking out. Which really annoys me. Foodies can and do make a lot of their own food people! Like me, for example. And a lot of people who come to my blog, thank you very much.

Bring On The Hate

I know it seems silly to even write about this but it is not the first time I have come across visceral hatred of the term and it just seems to be getting worse.

The idea of obliterating a word is not insignificant to me. I am and always will be a writer first. I have a degree in English and Creative Writing. I fell in love with words before I could read them.

I also have a bit of a vested interest, of course. Am I going to be discriminated against as a writer, photographer, human being because I choose to be associated with a term that so many people want annihilated?

I am not going to change for anybody. So… good. I hope I annoy you, haters. I hope I get under that evil skin of yours. I hope my big happy smile makes you want to scream. I hope that my passion for food and unwavering dedication to make life taste "yummy" drives you mad.

You will not censor me. You will not alter my foodie journey. You will not delete my name from the internet. Hate Suzie the Foodie all you want, I am not going anywhere.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Popcorn Indiana Fit Popcorn

Popcorn Indiana Fit Popcorn

Normally I would never review a specialty low-calorie product. Let's just say it is not my interest or my passion. But! Popcorn Indiana Fit Popcorn came with another popcorn product I will be reviewing soon so woot for me!

The Product

OK, the whole gluten-free marketing makes me laugh considering popcorn is naturally gluten-free. This kind of marketing makes me roll my eyes. Who adds gluten to popcorn?

I will admit that having such a low caloric count intrigued me. Would it impact the flavour of the popcorn? Also, would I be impressed with something just flavoured with sea salt?

The Packaging

Popcorn Indiana Fit Popcorn

The hardest part about product testing Fit Popcorn is apparently you need to be The Hulk to get the bag open. I gave up and got a pair of scissors and then over-zealously opened the bag, expecting similar resistance. Only to have popcorn go everywhere and having the bag break into two pieces. OK, that made me feel like The Hulk.

The "Experience"

Reg and I had a gift card for the holidays and we came home with a couple of great movies. One was Kiki's Delivery Service, a movie we both REALLY wanted to see. It was a week night and normally I do not do treats late at night but this was a special circumstance.

After the whole opening-the-bag debacle I poured a small bowl for us to enjoy with the movie. Which disappeared. Super fast! And I could not stop eating it.

Foodie Conclusion

Popcorn Indiana Fit Popcorn

This is a beautiful popcorn and I can not believe it is made with just canola oil, popcorn and sea salt. What a mid-week treat and OMG, the popcorn was almost as good as the movie. It had great crunch, tons of flavour and tasted very, very fresh.

"We have special kettles that are filled, by hand, one scoop at a time, by real people, who are carefully producing, oh-so-lovingly, the greatest popcorn you’ve ever had."

Honestly, you can taste the love. And it is low calorie, I just can't believe that.

I thought I was going to be bored and unimpressed but the opposite occurred. We got to have the best night "indulging" in popcorn and a movie with zero work, other than opening that damn bag. OK, that bag made me mad and I did not like the gluten-free marketing so I have to deduct a little for those issues...

I give this product four and a half out of five wooden spoons. 

Fit Popcorn can be found at the following stores in Canada: Sobeys, Loblaws, A&P, Remarks Farm, Metro, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and several Independent grocery stores.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

$10 Rusty Cast Iron Grill Pan - Bargain or Bust?

$10 Rusty Cast Iron Grill Pan - Bargain or Bust?

In my world, when the sun comes out I run to the kitchen to take photographs and, especially, shoot videos. On Wednesday I filmed my latest Bargain or Bust video on this grill pan I bought at Value Village.

The challenge? Would I (limited by physical strength due to my fibromyalgia) be able to remove rust from this pan? If so it would be a bargain. If not? A total bust.

$10 Rusty Cast Iron Grill Pan - Bargain or Bust?

Here it is at the store. Yup, it was pretty bad on the grill side.

$10 Rusty Cast Iron Grill Pan - Bargain or Bust?

Even worse on the back! I knew I was going to be in for some pain with this one but buying a new cast iron grill pan is not cheap! I just couldn't say no to that price.

$10 Rusty Cast Iron Grill Pan - Bargain or Bust?

My friend Wayne suggested I use some steel wool. FYI, if you are going to do this, wear gloves! I got a steel splinter. Ouch!

This was a challenging one but I hope you enjoy it and discover if it was worth all that effort.