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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Detoxing heavy metals out of my system through food & drink

Lemon Balm Tea with Agave Nectar & Fresh Lemon Juice

This week I am finally getting my very last silver filling removed at the dentist. Growing up, my mouth was FILLED with silver fillings and soon they will all be gone. This is the first time in my life I asked my doctor to do dental work on me! I am terrified of the dentist but really want to remove any potential toxins from my system.

Above you can see one of my favourite alternative medicine, lemon balm tea. It helps with digestion issues, naturally calms the nervous system and tastes pretty darn good. Thanks to your suggestions, I picked up some agave nectar and it tastes great in my tea.

Foods and herbal teas can really help our health. I use raspberry tea during my cycle, lemon balm tea for when my tummy is upset, ground flax seed keeps my digestive track happy and healthy and blueberries help me with depression.

Soon I will be removing a toxic element from my life by getting that last filling removed and will be spending a lot of time trying to remove heavy metals from my system. Although I know I have fibromyalgia which causes sore spots, no one has ever figured out why my muscles are so weak and sore all of the time. Heavy metal poisoning can be the cause of this issue and regardless, it is good to do a cleansing now and then.

The next couple of weeks I will take regular epsom salt baths to draw out the impurities as well as wear heavy clothing during my walks to sweat it out. Yuck, not looking forward to that! I am going to drinks tons of water, bake with apples (the natural pectin helps remove heavy metals from the body) and oats. I will continue my flax seed journey as well as take the fiber supplement Ultra-Fiber which contains psyllium seeds which have toxin-removing superpowers.

If you have any other ideas on what I can eat, drink and/or do to help me during this detox I would love to hear it, although I don't do detox "dieting" plans. I have done those many times. I prefer to add the good that will help my detox and not necessarily eliminate too much. I appreciate any help and wisdom you have to share.


Dia said...

Hi, Suzie
I love lemon balm as well - it grows 'like a weed' here, so I can use it fresh throughout the spring & summer - it's about a foot tall right now, & perfect!
& agave nectar is a good sweetening choice - I love it!

Glad you're 'getting that metal out!' what a chore - such a good idea.
One of my favorites is the 21 day chaparral cleanse in Lalita Thomas's '10 essential Herbs.' She tells healing stories, & the one she shares for this cleanse is about a gal who worked in taxedermy, so was exposed to lots of chemicals (she decided to switch careers after the cleanse!).
Lalita uses whole chaparral leaves & steeps a tsp of herb overnight in very HOT - but not boiling - water. Strain & drink in AM, then cover the same herbs with hot water again. She steeps each tsp of chaparral 3 times, & the third day, dumps out the herb & begins again that night! It's a bit bitter, but not too bad.
I mark on the calendar the day to 'refresh' the herb, & got mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. 1/4 # goes a long way :)
By steeping in hot water, you avoid the strong 'creasote' taste, & I find it more palatable than I expected. & use a small french press, which makes it easy to 'strain!' This is such a great resource book - my cousin gave a copy to my dau-in law, & I wanted my own!

Glad you're trying coconut oil - I think it's used in auravedic cooking, too :) I'll be interested to hear how it goes ;)

aliceinparis said...

I am slowly getting my mouth of fillings replaced too:( Really don't know much about heavy metal detox at all. I suppose it would do me good to find out and try.

I use coconut oil too for sauteeing.

Suzie the Foodie said...

Thanks Dia! That makes me think about taking the bitters I got while I was in Toronto, I get it's very similar to Lalita's recipe.

I made my agave cookies with 1/2 butter and 1/2 coconut oil and was thrilled with the results! I look forward to cooking with it next.

AliceinParis, I will let you know how the detox goes!

Jenn said...

Hi I met your friend Nigel--he's a friend of ours too--he recommeded this site to me. Anyway--I just wanted to comment--I too have been doing the detoxing--well I did rather last summer & over the last several years--plastic to glass & metal where we can afford it, fillings and in a surprising turn of events--I used non flouride toothpaste--I suffer from super bad endometriosis & when i brush "with" flouride I can feel the pain in my body more than when I chose a non-flouride toothpaste so I'm not sure if you have figured out that one yet? For digestion, I've been drinking peppermint "tea" cold--no sweetener just a few bags in a juice container & let it steep overnight and then I drink it over the next 2-3 days. Take care! Happy Detoxing! Jenn

Nydia said...

I remember Michele talking about detoxing as well. I'd love trying this. As soon as I move and my mind is finally back to its normal self again (seems like never), I'll start living a healthier life. My body and soul are begging this to me...
It's great that you're making this good to yourself, my friend. kepp it up! :o)


Suzie the Foodie said...

How wonderful to meet you Jen! Nigel's a great guy, glad he got us connected. Me too, I got rid of all my plastic, so toxic. It's taken a long time getting rid of those fillings one by one. I'm sure it will worth it. How interesting you have strong a strong reaction to fluoride! If you lived in BC you wouldn't have to deal with it at all, they're fluoride free but then I got a ton of cavities when I was there. I must try cold peppermint tea, what a wonderful idea!

Yes Lydia, Michelle is the QUEEN of detoxing, she amazes me. It's something you should do when you can relax a bit and take it easy which is why I am doing it now during a personal lull.

Bohemian Single Mom said...

Holy moly!!
I too, have a mouthful of metal fillings in my molars - cripes!
This is fascinating stuff Suzie! I hope you will write more about it as you notice the changes in your system while detoxing.
Go girl!

Suzie the Foodie said...

I promise I will. I'm totally defrosting my face as I type this, ouch, LOL, but once I do a couple of weeks of cleansing I will share the journey here.

Dianna said...

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