1 Suzie the Foodie: Product Review: Paula Deen 10" Stoneware Round Covered Casserole Dish

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Product Review: Paula Deen 10" Stoneware Round Covered Casserole Dish

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CSNStores.com, which is made up of various online stores including AllBarstools.com (Home Bars) and Cookware.com, contacted me a little while ago regarding a giveaway. First I reviewed Paula Deen's tea kettle and now I am moving on to her 10" Stoneare Round Covered Casserole Dish in Green. I find it a little odd that they say this is a green dish when is it mostly a beautiful warm brown although there is a lovely mossy sage glaze along the sides of the dish:

Paula Deen's Stoneware Casserole Dish

I have been very busy testing out the casserole dish in all sorts of ways in my test kitchen. My first recipe test was making slow-poached chicken in the dish. Above is Martha's Perfect Mac and Cheese which I made for dinner this week. (I did use a panko topping instead of breadcrumb BTW.) I put the mac and cheese in the oven covered for 20 minutes:

Paula Deen's Stoneware Casserole Dish

Then I removed the lid and let it broil and brown on top. Transporting the dish is a little awkward because there are no grips on the side but it is definitely do-able. The lid is not on very tightly but it does not slide or wobble. As a result it was quite easy to remove to allow for browning which ended up being a big help.

Paula Deen's Stoneware Casserole Dish

I also made slow-cooked beef ribs that were big enough for the Flintstones! I did not like the ribs very much but that is not the casserole dish's fault. It just is not my foodie thing. I was impressed that I could cook these in the dish with zero oil and there was no issue with food sticking to the casserole dish. I prefer to hand wash big dishes to save space in my dishwasher but I did put it through my dishwasher last night and it came out gleaming like new.

Paula Deen's Stoneware Casserole Dish

There was a two-for-one deal at the Superstore so I bought these small chickens for only $5 and they both fit in the casserole dish quite easily with some carrots, celery, onion, garlic and broth. Using the lid during this process helped cook the most moist and delicious chicken ever!

My one disappointment was finding out that you can not cook the stoneware on the stovetop at all. Oh well, I will live. As a result I will just brown meat and veggies in a stainless steel skillet and then transfer the food to the casserole dish. No big deal. Although it is not safe on the stove it is safe in the dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge and freezer. Nice!

I do worry about breaking it and chipping it but so far it has done extremely well. It is tougher than I am! Normally I do not care about aesthetics but I love how beautiful this dish and does it ever gleam. The dish is very easy to clean even by hand, the design and colour are so appealing and I absolutely adore that each casserole dish is uniquely glazed so mine is one of a kind.

Stoneware has always appealed to me. Rustic, charming and a healthy cooking vessel choice, this was the right product for me. Believe it or not, this is my first real casserole dish with a top and everything. I can not believe what I have been missing! I would proudly serve a boeuf bourguignon to friends and family at a special celebration from this casserole dish. It is elegant and feels like home. I give this product four and a half out of five wooden spoons.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your first casserole dish?!? OMG, how have you survived until now, LOL? A whole new world of casserole cooking is about to open up to you! I could not cook without these 2 essentials: a casserole dish and an electric frying pan!

Jamie Ridler said...

Wow, I think it's beautiful. I can see how the no grip thing might be a challenge though. Still, this seems like a gorgeous addition to your kitchen.

I love your reviews, Suzie!

Ca88andra said...

It looks lovely (as does the food you've cooked). I think I need to get something that does both stovetop and oven, although our oven is not good to cook in!

Suzie Ridler said...

I should say that I have the basic kind of casserole dish but not the beautiful kind with lids, like a real set!

Thanks so much Jamie!

What on earth do you do with your oven if you don't cook in it?