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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review: Pomi Tomatoes


I am so happy to be reviewing and working with tomatoes that are not in cans! That alone impresses me about Pomi tomatoes. Cans make me nervous, I shy away from them whenever I can for health reasons. Also, there are no preservatives, the tomatoes are low in sodium and BPA free. The tomatoes are naturally grown in Italy without pesticides.

Product Review: Pomi Tomatoes

I made a lasagna with both the strained tomatoes and the chopped tomatoes and it was the best lasagna I have ever had! The sauce was absolutely delicious, rich and fabulous. It was my first time making a lasagna sauce from scratch and I was worried it was going to be boring but it was zesty and stunning.

Product Review: Pomi Tomatoes

Just last night I made my chili recipe with the chopped tomatoes. Sometimes canned tomatoes can be quite tough and hard to break down but these broke down perfectly. My only complaint is that the chili was a little dryer than usual but it was richer with an even deeper flavour thanks to these tomatoes.


I would have bought these solely based on the fact that I could get tomatoes not in cans but after tasting the results of these fantastic tomatoes in my lasagna and chili... if I come across these tomatoes I will buy them. In the U.S. you can find these tomatoes at Whole Foods, national supermarkets, Italian specialty stores and health food stores. Vitacost also sells them online. In Canada you can usually find them at Metro, Whole Foods and Fortinos locations.

Health benefits combined with high quality product and flavour inspire me to give these tomatoes five out of five wooden spoons.


AvaDJ said...

The lasagna and chili are mouth-watering, looks so delicious, way to go! You've definitely got some Italian in you somewhere, that looks like my dad's famous family lasagna, and his is the best!!

These are by far some of the best packaged tomatoes you'll get. I recently got Mario Batali's latest cookbook and he highly recommends the Pomi and uses it straight from the container(strained ones) for pizza sauce. I've tried this several times now, with a bit of seasoning on the sauce and we've had some pretty amazing pizzas. I'm very lucky that my local supermarket (Longo's) carries these at a very reasonable price. Pomi is definitely my "go to" for all my Italian recipes now. And you're right, the packaging is bonus and they're super healthy.

Tammy said...

I've never seen Pomi, but I'd sure like to try them based on your review! I sure miss having a Whole Foods store near-by! There is a great natural foods store about an hour away - I need to make a trip there, so I'll add Pomi to my list of things to see if I can find! :)

Ellie said...

The lasagna looks so yummy!

I've used Pomi, I love to cook with the strained more so than the chopped. I tend to use it when I make Eggplant Parmesan. I highly recommend the Pomi if you can get it.

Josh said...

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Heidi S said...

So glad to see this review. I've been trying to limit anything in cans as well so I will look for these on my next shopping trip. Good, quality ingredience can make almost any dish taste better and healthier.