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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Burrito Jax's New Lower Sackville Location


Ever since I went to the Burrito Jax during the Tall Ships Fest in downtown Halifax and found out they were opening one up in Lower Sackville at 720 Sackville Drive in Downsview Mall, I have been stalking the place.

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

They had told me they would be open in September so I was hoping they would be open by October, LOL. I watch those "restaurant opening" TV shows!

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

One day I went by and the door was open so I snuck a photo. Damn, far from ready!

Then towards the end of October our friends Mike and Jen said they had been there for their soft opening but it was officially open.

Hal-Con 2012

After the Saturday night of Hal-Con there was no way I was cooking dinner. Reg suggested we try going to Burrito Jax for some takeout. Yes!

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

Oh it was so nice and new and clean! And cozy inside.

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

You could definitely tell it was the same restaurant, they had the same setup for figuring out what kind of burrito you wanted and shared info about the different toppings, sauces and salsas.

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

Took Reg a little while to figure out what he wanted but I wanted exactly what I had last time: slow pulled pork with mole sauce and pica salsa. Yum!

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

The staff there all seem to be working their first job, they are so young! And efficient. Not the fastest service but quite adorable.

Burrito Jax Lower Sackville Location

Reg decided on the chipotle chicken and he was so impressed with how fresh everything was. Remember, Reg almost always prefers Subway so this was a big test...

He thought it was great! The freshness translated to the burrito and mine was fantastic too. Just like before. Oh I am so happy they are open!

I give this first eating-out experience at their brand new establishment four and a half out of five wooden spoons. Also, they didn't blink an eye when I showed up like this:

Hal-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention 2012

It was Halloween weekend though! I also just have to share this clip of Reg as Khan and then I promise, no more Hal-Con content, LOL. It really did take over our lives:

So proud of Reg as Khan! He worked so hard on his costume and I was impressed with his wrathful soliloquy.

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Reg makes an awfully cuddly Khan, doesn't he?