1 Suzie the Foodie: Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Friday, November 23, 2012

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

Not that long ago I spotted Choco Café at 1360 Lower Water Street in downtown Halifax. I could not believe it! A café open late on Saturday and Sundays?! And their specialty is chocolate? The D&D ladies had to check it out.

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

They have a gift shop area that has stunning products! I would buy that blue and tan mosaic plate just because I like it so much, not to mention the chocolates that come with it!

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

There are two walls of chocolate and they even have samples for you to try which were absolutely delicious. This is what they have:

"...plain milk, milk with roasted almonds, milk with hazelnut cream, milk with wafer, cheese cake flavour, strawberry tart, crunchy nuts, plain dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate, dark with crunchy nuts, dark with almonds, plain white, and much more to choose from." ~ Chocolates by Design

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

When I saw they had a chocolate fondue you could get for $7 using their Belgian chocolate? I had to treat the gals to some! It came with sliced apples, strawberries, wafer cookies and marshmallows. Delicious and that chocolate?!!!

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

OMG! So delicious! We went through our first mini tub so quickly our server brought over a complimentary replacement. Then, we had so much chocolate we wanted to buy more dippers but he just gave us some on the house. What a sweetheart!

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

I freaked out when I saw I could get café au lait after I ordered my small dark hot chocolate with hazelnut (made with real chocolate) because I can never find anyone who even knows what a café au lait is! I had the same problem on the west coast.

Just another reason to come back and BTW, I do not regret getting the hot chocolate for a second. One of the best I have ever had. Alissa ordered the London Fog, a drink I have always wanted to try, and Emily got an herbal tea.

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita303

Our friend Sarah joined up with us too and it was a beautiful airy spot to sit and relax for a while in the comfy chairs before heading out shopping where the ladies introduced me to "jeggings"!

Choco Café in Halifax, Nova Scoita

Choco Café has to be one of the best new establishments to come to Halifax and I adore it. The quality is as high as it can get yet everyone there was so friendly and warm. Next time I am definitely picking up their own cocoa powder to bake with later and enjoy some of that fair trade and organic coffee. Let's just hope they have decaf for my future café au lait!

As someone who rarely drinks, next time when the city shuts down at 5 pm on a Saturday night I know where I am headed. My new favourite downtown spot. I give Choco Café five out of five wooden spoons. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds great! Is a latte not the same thing as a cafe au lait? (Forgive my coffee ignorance). I can't believe you couldn't get a latte on the West Coast, LOL!

Suzie Ridler said...

I am not a coffee expert either but I think a latte isn't as milky as a cafe au lait. The weird part is they had never heard of it before!

Rana said...

I wanted to get to this place before I left Hfx but this spring and summer were absolutely crazy. I am feeling a bit homesick. Now I wanna go home. Glad you had a great experience there!

Found this, does it help? http://coffeeandteatime.com/blog/2008/cafelatte-cafeaulait/

Orionbelt24 said...

Hi Suzie! Just a heads up...a cafe au lait at Second Cup is called a Brewed White and at Starbucks it's called a Misto (don't ask me why they had to change the names though!). TIBS makes pretty good ones as well (plus you can get their croissant!).

Justin and I REALLY miss Serious Coffee from Victoria so it's always nice to hear of nice little spots to visit!


Suzie Ridler said...

Sorry for your homesickness Rana, I can totally relate!

So a latte is made with espresso? I think that's what I used to get when they didn't have cafe au lait out west. Yes, it is much milkier, that I knew. Thank you!

Hi Jess! :) Oh man, I totally don't recognize those names but I will watch out for them next time. I was at TIBS this summer and it was just too hot for a coffee but next time and yes, their croissants are famous!

Oh I know, I miss Serious Coffee too! And Blenz, they have awesome decaf. You will love this spot Jess, take the kids and get some amazing hot chocolate. Thanks for writing, always awesome to hear from you!

eat-this-town.com said...

Well this is exciting! I will have to get some of that hot chocolate on a snowy winter day.