1 Suzie the Foodie: Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

Friday, December 7, 2012

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2 Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

In my post Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part I I tested Krisda Cafe Vanilla and Krisda Sweetener. I liked the coffee sweetener with flavour but not the general sweetener.

The Product


As a result, I was a little nervous baking with their Baking Formulation using Stevia Extract. That, of course, did not stop me!

Product Testing: Phase I

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

The powdered Stevia is very light and almost dusty. I decided to test it in my mocha cookies which are my favourite cookies of all time. Most of the cookie is sweetened with brown sugar but there is some white sugar too.

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

Well these were gone in a flash! And... they were the best batch I have ever made! They seemed a little crunchier on the outside and fluffy as a cloud on the inside. I was totally blown away.

Product Testing: Phase 2

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

So it worked in cookies but will it make dough rise? I chose T.J. Cinnamon's Cinnamon Buns which are my favourite treat ever! I have been making them for years.

I replaced the sugar in the dough with their Krisda's Baking Formulation.

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

The dough did rise! It had these odd bumps throughout it after the first rising, like the yeast didn't completely dissolve (I did a breadmaker version) but hey, they poofed up!

Foodie Results

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

The dough was light, airy... just like my regular cinnamon buns. I also put some of the Baking Formulation in the filling and I could taste the "Stevia" taste but it wasn't bad. Reg did not notice it at all. I thought this was such a success I sent a batch to my dad for his birthday and they were a hit!

Foodie Conclusion

Krisda: Premium Stevia Extract Part 2

The Baking Formulation of Krida is totally impressive. Yes, it is $9.99 at my store for a small-ish bag but this is an all natural sweetener that can be used safely for Christmas treat for those with sugar issues! I may not have liked the stevia in my coffee but in baked goods? I am shocked. It did so well.

This product has the potential to really help improve some people's lives. Taking everything into consideration, I give their Baking Formulation four and a half out of five wooden spoons. Well done!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks for testing this for us, Suzie!

VĂ©ronique said...

Did you use the same amount of stevia as you would sugar?

Helene Peloquin said...

I've never seen this product before, thanks for sharing.

Suzie Ridler said...

You are welcome Debra!

Verinique, yes, 1-to-1 ratio, so easy!

Helene, they were on Dragons' Den and I didn't think my store sold it but but I saw it the other day in the health food section.

Laura said...

I wonder if Truvia and Krisda are the same? I don't think we have Krisda here in NC. I've been wanting to try something different for various health reasons and guess you have convinced me! :-)


asnow said...

I was disappointed in the Krisda sweetener as well but Sweet Leaf Stevia is awesome! One packet is definitely as sweet as 2 tsp of sugar, whereas with the Krisda, I have to use two packets (equiv to 4 tsp of sugar) to get my coffee sweet enough

MaryH said...

Truvia is the modified version of Stevia by Coca Cola and Cargill. It is mode of It is made of rebiana, erythritol, and natural flavors.

PureVia is the modified verison of Stevia by Pepsi and Merisant subsidiary Whole Earth Sweetner Company. It contains dextrose, cellulose powder, natural flavors as well as the stevia extract rebaudioside A.

I have grown stevia plants and dried the leaves to use in teas as well as ground the leaves to add to berries to bake pies.

For more cost effective Stevia products, I prefer to pick up some Stevia from Trader Joe's in US. They have concentrated small bottles which has 1000 servings for $10 and a larger, blended version (with milk powder/Lactose I think) that is 600 servings for $7 if I remember correctly.

Recently picked up stevia tablets at Whole Foods by Canderel(Merisant) since it is easy for travel but not used it yet.